Why Can’t I Add Paid Partnership on Instagram

Why Can’t I Add Paid Partnership on Instagram?

Instagram has become a prominent platform for influencers to collaborate with brands and promote products or services to their followers. To ensure transparency and compliance with advertising regulations, Instagram introduced a feature called “Paid Partnership” that allows influencers to disclose their sponsored content. However, some users have reported difficulties in accessing this feature. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you might be unable to add the Paid Partnership tag on Instagram and provide solutions to common issues.

Reasons for Inability to Add Paid Partnership on Instagram:

1. Not meeting the eligibility criteria:
To access the Paid Partnership feature, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria set by Instagram. These criteria may include a minimum number of followers or engagement rate. Instagram has not disclosed the exact requirements, but it is believed that they prioritize accounts with higher influence and engagement.

2. Account type limitations:
Instagram limits certain features, including the Paid Partnership tag, to specific account types. Personal accounts and accounts that are not categorized as “Creator” or “Business” may not have access to this feature. To overcome this issue, you can convert your account to a Creator or Business account by following the steps provided by Instagram.

3. Geographical restrictions:
The availability of the Paid Partnership feature may vary based on your location. It is possible that this feature is not yet available in your country or region. Instagram continues to roll out new features gradually, so it is advisable to keep checking for updates.

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4. Incomplete disclosure guidelines:
Instagram has strict guidelines regarding the disclosure of sponsored content. If you haven’t adhered to these guidelines in the past, Instagram may restrict your access to the Paid Partnership feature. Ensure that you are transparent about your collaborations by using appropriate hashtags, tagging the brand, or utilizing the Paid Partnership tag when available.

5. Technical issues:
Occasionally, technical glitches may prevent users from accessing certain features on Instagram. It is recommended to update your app to the latest version, clear cache and cookies, or try accessing the feature from a different device. If the problem persists, reaching out to Instagram’s support team for assistance might be helpful.


Q: What should I do if I meet the eligibility criteria but still don’t have the Paid Partnership feature?
A: If you believe you meet the requirements but still cannot access the feature, ensure that you have converted your account to a Creator or Business account. If you have already done so, reach out to Instagram’s support team for further assistance.

Q: Can I manually disclose a paid partnership if the feature is not available to me?
A: Yes, even if you don’t have access to the Paid Partnership feature, it is crucial to disclose sponsored content. You can use hashtags like #ad, #sponsored, or #partner in your captions to indicate that the post is a paid collaboration.

Q: Does Instagram notify me when the Paid Partnership feature becomes available to my account?
A: Instagram does not send notifications when the Paid Partnership feature is enabled for your account. It is advisable to regularly check for updates and new features in the app settings.

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Q: Are there any alternatives to the Paid Partnership feature on Instagram?
A: Yes, besides the Paid Partnership tag, you can disclose your sponsored content by tagging the brand, using appropriate hashtags, or clearly stating that the post is a paid collaboration in the caption.

In conclusion, the inability to add the Paid Partnership tag on Instagram can be attributed to various factors such as eligibility criteria, account type limitations, geographical restrictions, incomplete disclosure guidelines, or technical issues. By understanding these reasons and following the solutions provided, you can enhance transparency in your collaborations and continue to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience and brands.

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