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Jason is a Senior Author for Small Business Loans. He has been working with small business owners like you for the past ten years. Jason has written dozens of helpful articles on our blog. He writes about different loan types that’s suitable for small businesses. Check out his articles below.

Best Small Business Loans

Economic conditions and changes in government and banking regulations mean that now is the best time to get a small business loan in the past decade. There are more lenders and the traditional lending institutions are looking to spend more on small business loans going forward. … Read More

Understanding Types of Business Loans

Let’s begin with a simple question: Why do you need a business loan in the first place when it’s often said that going into debt for your business doesn’t always make sense. The reality, however, is that, that when your business is ready to hit the big league, and yet you don’t have the working capital to fund it, a business loan sure makes your dreams come true. … Read More

Why Do Banks Refuse Loans To Small Businesses?

It’s common practice the world over for small businesses to grow by securing business loans and in realizing their dreams of hitting the big league. In fact, in global corporate history, there have been many instances where a small business started has become a global brand. … Read More

Five Common Myths About Loans for Small Businesses

Most small business owners are always a little skeptical about approaching lenders for loans with the fear that their applications may get rejected because of their weak financial positions or lack of ability to put up enough collateral that convinces lenders that they will get back their money. … Read More

10 Things to Look Out For in a Lender

When you’re applying for a business loan, it’s ultimately the lender and his terms and conditions that will finalize the deal. The lender is not only your principal source but in many cases, may even turn out to be your savior, especially when you are in a tight corner. … Read More

Online Business Loans

Since traditional banks have imposed tighter regulations on lending, a new firm has emerged to cater different entities that cannot qualify for loans: alternative lenders, a general term for non-bank loans. … Read More

Ten Athletes that Dominate in Business

Sports around the globe inspire people to come together regardless of race, religious beliefs and gender. The greatest athletes use their perseverance, work ethic, and pristine focus to enamor the world on the field. … Read More

Unsecured Small Business Loans

If you own a small business, or you’re thinking of starting one, you probably spend a lot of time wondering what your best finance options are. If you have a relatively young business, or a checkered credit history, many lenders will want you to secure your loan. … Read More

Small Business Funding

If you’re about to start a small business, or you already own a small business, you may find it difficult to determine the best way to attain funding. Every business is different – finding the funding strategy that suits yours best can be a complicated task. … Read More

What Microloans Can Do For Your Business

Small business owners have a reputation for getting creative when it comes sourcing funding for their companies. There are hundreds of different ways you can finance a small business, but one of the least well known methods is via microloans. … Read More

Funding for Start Ups

Thousands of people have great business ideas that never get turned into legitimate companies. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t execute it, then it’s worthless. … Read More

Factoring For Businesses

Small business owners are constantly on the lookout for various ways to help fund their operations. Attaining finance can be a difficult and lengthy process – the global financial crisis in 2007 has made lenders extremely wary of loaning money to unestablished business owners. … Read More

How to Finance a Franchise

If you’re considering starting or purchasing a business, you may be thinking about acquiring a franchise. One of the hardest parts about opening a franchise is finding the capital you need to finance the startup costs. … Read More

Five Questions Business Owners Should Ask Their Lenders

If you’re like most business owners, you probably have to finance part of your business when you first begin operations. Attaining finance from a lender can be an intimidating process – it is an arduous task that you may not have past experience with. … Read More

Introduction to Small Business Loans

Business loan is a loan you take out for non-personal use, particularly to help you reach a particular agenda in your business. In simpler terms, it is any kind of loan where the granted money is reserved for the business alone. … Read More

How to Fund a Minority Owned Business

Due to certain factors, financing options may become limited. However, whether it is for helping the company take off or for expansion of operations, funding can be easier if you have a minority-owned business. … Read More

Small Business Grants

For entrepreneurs, getting a business grant is like catching a dodo bird. It simply would not happen. If you consider the requirements for loans to be very stringent, it is even more so for grants. … Read More

How to Finance Equipment for Your Business

In the broadest sense, an equipment is anything that provides non-human labor that performs a specific and unique function for a certain cause. For your business, all your equipment should help to keep things running smoothly. … Read More

Small Business Loans for Minorities

Business owners who draft a solid business plan will inevitably require access to capital. There are many loan options available, and these offers are made through various lending institutions. … Read More

Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

Small business owners can expect to go through periods of time where the cash flow account is low. Having a plan to deal with these inevitable downturns is critical for any long-term planning. … Read More

Wells Fargo Small Business Loan Review

When your goal is to grow a small business, getting the needed funds won’t always be an easy task to complete. You will find many lenders that offer small business loans, but many people turn to Wells Fargo when they need a finance company that won’t let them down. … Read More

How To Get A Small Business Loan

If you want to start or grow a small business, you might be wondering how you will finance your venture so that you can move forward. For many people, getting the needed funds for their business idea is no small task, and they often look to lenders for help. … Read More

Top 5 Small Business Loans For Veterans

In the past, the federal Patriot Express program and the Veterans Advantage program offered small business loans for veterans. These programs both expired several years ago and were not replaced with alternatives. … Read More

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