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Anne Miller

Anne is a Senior Author for Small Business Loans. She has helped small business owners like you achieve their goals for their business.

Anne likes to focus on how different business operations affect your bottom line. She looks at everything, from different financial products and loans to ways to make businesses more efficient for small businesses.

She began her career as an independent consultant for local businesses after graduating with a BA in Management. Since that time, she’s expanded to writing as well as consulting to spread helpful knowledge to small business owners across the country. She felt that limiting her services to local businesses only deprived other businesses of valuable information they could use to grow stronger and more profitable.

Anne has written dozens of guides, tips, and other helpful articles on our blog. She enjoys camping and hiking with her niece and nephew in her spare time. Check out some of her articles.

Kabbage Business Loan Review: Good Deal for Line of Credit

Small business loans are ideal for starting a new business, growing an existing small business or investing some money for needed upgrades and inventory. If you are shopping for one of these loans and are considering Kabbage as a lender, these are some important topics to consider. … Read More

PayPal Business Working Capital Review

View All Posts View All Posts When PayPal entered the industry as an online payment system, it completely transformed the market and industry. To this day, PayPal still leads the industry, making new advancements in online payment, giving customers more purchasing...

Crucial Lines of Credit Now Available to Small Businesses

Small businesses, particular startups always find a line of credit useful to tide over sudden working capital crunches which may force their operations to grind to a halt. Any organization with a line of credit can draw funds against a pre-set credit limit. Whenever funds are required, a request for a drawing is made to the lender. … Read More

6 Tips to Find the Best Online Loan for a Small Business

So you’ve been refused a loan by your bank that you so badly need and are looking for an alternative route. In fact, research shows that nearly forty-five percent of loan applications from small business owners get refused by banks and other financial institutions because of various reasons such as the applicant’s poor credit score, financial constraints and lack of overall credibility. … Read More

Mandatory Documents Required to Get a Business Loan

As the saying goes, a loan just doesn’t happen without proper documentation. Or in other words, no documentation, no loan. In fact, documentation is the very face and nature of the loan because it contains all details, terms, and conditions of repayment and figures etc. … Read More

Bank Loan vs Online Loan: Pros & Cons

With the unstoppable march of the Internet, online lending has grabbed a large chunk of the pie that both conventional banks and regular financial institutions dominated till recently. It is seen that currently, a majority of short-term, consumer-lending happens online. … Read More

Essential Points to Ponder Before Seeking a Business Loan

Any lender, particularly a bank does want to know beforehand that it’s not just throwing its money away. The SBA states that a bank first checks out whether the prospective borrower is already earning revenues or has other means by way of collateral to repay its loan. … Read More

Business Financing For Your Restaurant’s Growth

A restaurant succeeds by virtue of its tasty, high-quality food that’s courteously served in a hygienic environment. However, a majority of the smaller restaurant owners often don’t understand that strong financial planning is required to grow and succeed further. … Read More

How to Calculate How Much To Borrow as a Small Business Loan?

Among many small business owners, it’s often seen that they take small business loans to finance their company’s goals. Secondly, a business loan often turns out to be a lifesaver during dry seasons, and also takes the business to the subsequent level by enhancing its steady growth. … Read More

Private Business Loans

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably aware of the various options you have for financing for your company. Traditionally, business owners will approach a commercial lender to get a better understanding of the loans and credit facilities available to them. … Read More

How to Apply for a Small Business Loan

If you need funds to finance a business endeavor or to augment your business income, you can take out a loan. However, the process is more than knowing how to apply for a business loan itself. … Read More

Small Business Financing Options [2020 Update]

There are a number of reasons you may be looking to get financing for your small business. Whether you’re planning on opening a new company, or need to invest in expanding your current operations, financing is typically the most effective way to get the capital you need. … Read More

Buying a Small Business

The United States prides itself on being a collection of proud small business owners and entrepreneurs. The past two decades have seen a shift in the landscape – technology has made it both easier and harder to start a small business. … Read More

Business Credit Card or Lines of Credit?

If you own a small business you probably look at different forms of finance to help improve the operations of your business. When most people start a business they either finance it themselves or attain a traditional small business loan. … Read More

Best Small Business Blogs

The dawn of the internet has brought about radical changes in the way that we consume information. It is now easier than ever to learn how to start a business – there is a wealth of information online that can help you get off the ground. … Read More

How Business Credit Scores Work

If you’ve ever had a credit card, phone plan, auto-loan, or mortgage, you probably have a credit score. Credit scores are distributed by credit reporting bodies in order to provide lenders with information on how reliable of a borrower you are. … Read More

Best Small Business Magazines

Many small business owners turn to the internet if they want advice on how to run or start a business. But before various online blogs took over the informational marketplace, business magazines were a popular source of information. … Read More

Starting a Business With Bad Credit

You have a great business idea and you have everything planned out. There’s one problem, unfortunately: money. You dug deep in your savings account, and looked for potential investors to no avail. … Read More

15 Signs of a Great Work Place

View All Posts View All Posts One of the most undervalued components employees consider when applying for a new job is the workplace that they will be entering. While salary and location tend to be the most important factors in deciding on a new career, workplace...

Small Business Administration Loans

There are many different options when it comes to getting funding for your small business. One of the most popular funding option is a loan backed by the government’s Small Business Administration, or SBA. … Read More

Bank of America Small Business Loan Review

Those who run small businesses understand how difficult it can be to grow and expand a company, and if you want to take your business to the next level, you might be wondering whether a small business loan from the Bank of America can help. … Read More

Chase Small Business Loan Review

Small business loans are ideal for starting a new business, growing an existing small business or investing some money for needed upgrades and inventory. If you are shopping for one of these loans and are considering Chase as a lender, these are some important topics to consider. … Read More

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